Vasiliki in Lefkada

Vasiliki is a picturesque seaside village, located on the southern end of Lefkada. It is only 38 km from the town of Lefkada. The beautiful landscape consists of lush green mountains, beautiful seasides and of course, the magical emerald water of the Ionian Sea.

Natural beauty and sympathetic people

The variety of colors of the sea and the natural beauty that surrounds it are the reasons that Vasiliki has been loved by professional painters and photographers. The reflections in the clear blue water, according to the positions of the sun and the mood of the weather, create a range of colors that alternate in a magical process during the day.

The excellent wind conditions thanks to the phenomenon of wind Eric, attract windsurfers from all around the world that enjoy the strong winds and spend endless hours in the light blue Ionian Sea.

The magnificent view of the village and its inhabitants, who have retained their traditional character, the fishermen detangling their nets and older women with their traditional dresses will give you images that will accompany your beautiful holiday. The harbor will welcome you with cafes, taverns and restaurants with a wide variety of fresh fish and grilled meats. Vasiliki will become your new favorite place of Lefkada Island where you will love to spend your early evenings and late nights.

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